Are you depressed and male? Read on…


The recent death by suicide of racehorse trainer, Richard Woollacott, brings into sharp focus the issue of mental health and men. Richard was a well known and successful trainer He died aged just 40. His wife launched an emotional appeal  stating that ‘suicide  is the biggest cause of death of men aged 18-45. We must DO more.’  Kayley has started an on line appeal page. She said,’ I’ve lost my husband, best friend and father of our child. It’s too late for us but it’s not too later to speak out and do more to help others from becoming lost.’

Richard had suffered with mental health problems for some time. In my work.

I come across young men who need help. We have lost students and the effect on their families and friends is devastating.  What can we do?  Try to break down the stereotypes. Beliefs such as, boys don’t cry, can be very dangerous.

Mothers, teach your sons to speak openly about their feelings, sisters and girlfriends, talk to your brothers and boyfriends. Wives, talk to your husbands. Talking and listening is crucial so take the time to look after your nearest and dearest. If you’re concerned about some one then log on to MIND or encourage them to ring Samaritans on  freephone 08457 90 90 90

I hope this helps raise awareness of this worrying issue.


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