#iamwriting Making Allowances


I am currently writing my new book, Making Allowances which should be due out in April or so. It is a racing thriller. So I thought I’d give you an overview.  Here is a brief synopsis;

Finn McCarthy is an ex National Hunt jockey who has a new role as a jockey coach. He has had a difficult time coming to terms with retirement but is determined to make a go of his new job. At least it’s still in racing.

Harriet Lucas is a student who works part time as the charity Racing to School which aims to introduce school children to racing and involves lots of educational activities.

They meet when they witness one of Finn’s conditional jockeys, Sam Foster, being beaten up at the racecourse when earlier in the day he has ridden a good winner.  Harriet assists Finn get Sam to safety and she thinks that one of the children she was looking after may be able to identify his attackers.  When another conditional jockey is hit by a vehicle in a hit and run and they find out that Sam has gone missing they start to think that something is very wrong.

Finn’s early life as a conditional was far from perfect and he understands how vulnerable young jockeys are, so he is determined to find out what is going on. When their initial inquiries come to nothing, Finn and Harriet join forces to try and find Sam.  But they are drawn into a complex web of intrigue and start to realise that the closer they get to discovering the truth, the more they put themselves in harm’s way.

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