Winter survival!


I know those in Iceland and Canada may laugh at the British panic as soon as snow and freezing weather arrives, but the truth is we’re not used to it and more importantly our infrastructure is not geared up for it either. Lincolnshire has been badly hit and schools and colleges are off so I’ve been making sure all the animals are fine, they all have plenty of water and food. I’ve become quite a dab hand at stitching rugs, making emergency leg straps from baler twine and defrosting frozen water pipes.

We’ve had temperatures as low as -15 and up to 15 cms in snow in part. It’s picturesque, breathtaking but once my animals were sorted, I found myself worried about elderly neighbours and I have been delivering food and making sure they have enough logs and coal. It is  possible to be seriously injured or die in this weather and the key seems to be to be prepared.  I have a 4×4 but I have heard horror stories of people trapped in their cars in the snow, walking for miles and becoming exhausted and hypothermic. Here are some top tips to help you through.

Dress in layers. Choose lots of thin layers. These will trap the air and keep you warmer for longer. A final lightweight water proof layer will prevent the damp getting through.

When outside keep active, movement in itself will generate heat.

Keep high calorie snacks in your pocket, Trek bars are ideal as they are lightweight but nutritious.

Wear a hat! 90% of heat is lost through the head so this is vitally important. A hat that covers the ears is ideal.

Sensible shoes complete with thick socks are essential. If you are trying to get into the office, then pack wellies in the boot together with socks. A shovel might be useful too.

Make sure your phone is charged and that you have plenty of fuel in your car and water in your washer bottle.

The forecast looks set to improve but in the meantime keep warm and stay safe!


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