Editing tips that really work!


I am currently editing my book ‘Making Allowances.’

At times it feels like a slow and tortuous process. I am not an expert but here are some tips that have really helped me.

  1. Cut long sentences in half. If you have to read it twice to understand it, think about halving the length.
  2. Use adverbs very sparingly. They can slow down the pace of your story.
  3. Remove extra punctuation.
  4. Make sure all your verbs are active, remove the passive ones.
  5. Check your prepositions and remove them if they slow the story down.
  6. Try to use original similes and metaphors.
  7. Limit the use of ‘very’ and ‘really’. Do you need these words? Again they can spoil the flow of your writing.
  8. Allow yourself the time to edit thoroughly. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure.
  9. Seek advice from peers.
  10. Remember that first drafts are terrible. Second and third drafts should show some improvement but keep going until it’s as good as it can be!

Best of luck with all your writing endeavours. Please feel free to share your editing tips too!



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