Editing your own work? Here are some tips.


Probably in common with most writers, I struggle to edit my own work.  I am editing some of my own work and a book for a friend. Editing for a friend is SO much easier!  It must be because you are too close to your own work.

I have been researching this area and have come across some tips that may helpful to others.

When you have finished your book, set it aside for at least a month, or longer before even attempting to reread.

Read it out loud. I have discovered an app, Natural speaker, which might help here. I downloaded this and uploaded my book. The voices are a bit mechanical in the free version but it did help once I had my headphones in and computer open and at the ready.  This enabled me to correct the text as I listened to it. It was easier to hear clumsy sentences rather than read them.

Use spell checking and check everything.  I mean everything.  You may think you can spell but I  found some words I thought I knew, I had been spelling wrongly for ages! Annoying!

Start from the end and work backwards.  This is not as daft as it sounds as just reading the words without getting into the story can really help your focus. Once you start to follow the plot you can get caught up in it and miss the obvious!

Take your time and don’t set yourself impossible deadlines. Slow and steady wins the race!

Good luck with your editing. Do any of you have any tips you can share?

This would be much appreciated.







14 thoughts on “Editing your own work? Here are some tips.

  1. Thank you so much Charlie. I love horses too and was working as a Paraeducator, Aide, and Teacher for special needs (physical/developmental/emotional) children. Loved that work and just sort of retired this past year. I am doing more writing now so I appreciate your writing very much. Thank you most kindly. Anne


    1. Thanks for your comments. I really do think that horses can heal kids and humans. I suppose they don’t judge and accept people for who they are. Look forward to reading your posts. Thanks for dropping by.


  2. Finding your blog for the first time because you visited during the #Challenge where my theme this year is BOOKSTORES. I am at this moment trying to finish the edit on a third novel. I’m intrigued by your suggestion to read the manuscript backward and can see immediately how this could help. Finding several readers who have an eye for grammar, what I call a fresh eye, helps too. I am going to spend time catching up with your posts. Thank you for the tips!


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