Rank Outsiders REVAMP!

RO pro7

My Cup of Tea Press and me have been revamping Rank Outsiders, my first racing thriller.It has been re-edited and has a new cover. The cover is more in keeping with the genre and my other books will be rebranded in a similar way, thanks to Rosie and  Jamie from My Cup of Tea Press! Rank Outsiders is a racing thriller.

Jockey, Tristan Davies is concerned when several strange incidents at the yard, suggest that someone is trying to fix a race and prevent one of their stable stars from winning.  The horse is let out of its stable and narrowly misses a car, glass is found in his bedding and the horsebox has a puncture en route to the racecourse. Suspicion points to the horse’s relatively new stable lad, Kyle Devlin. Kyle is in care and supported by social worker, Poppy Ford. Poppy needs no encouragement to help prove Kyle’s innocence, so the pair decide to join forces to find out what is going on and find themselves unraveling a complex web of intrigue which has far-reaching consequences. When the two worlds of racing and social work collide, the stakes are very high indeed.

Praise for Rank Outsiders.

‘A great story, beautifully and ingeniously plotted.’

‘A thrilling read which is well paced and well plotted.’

‘I really enjoyed this book by Charlie De Luca and want to read more.’


Rank Outsiders in available to download on Amazon.






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