Highlighting the great work of Racing Welfare in the UK!


Racing Welfare is a fantastic organization set up to support all staff in racing. This includes everyone from the stable staff who look after these beautiful creatures to staff employed in all types of jobs in racecourses from office to ground staff.

Racing Welfare can help support you in times of stress and trouble and that includes those facing bereavement, financial problems, requiring support, ill health or facing trouble at work. Racecourses should all abide by their own Code of Ethics regarding employment, and so should trainers and studs.  If this doesn’t happen, then contact Racing Welfare.

There are loads of activities and ways that you can get involved and support such a great charity. The website is easy to navigate and staff can seek personalised advice and can use a chat line to seek immediate support.

Get involved, get in touch. It’s a great cause! Below is the website.



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