Fighting at Ascot and Goodwood Races.


I am moved to write about the shocking scenes of violence amongst spectators at Ascot and Goodwood Racecourses recently.  For such prestigious venues, it is shocking and clearly both racecourses are taking steps to improve security and address the issues.

But what caused the violence? Was alcohol or drugs to blame? Racing journalist, Cornelius Lysaght. thinks that cocaine could be involved and called for sniffer dogs to be made available at all racecourses. Apparently, there was a queue for the toilet cubicles in the gents which suggests that something unsavoury was going on.

Of course, with CCTV,  it would be possible for the BHA to identify and ban the culprits, so this is another consideration. I think the Race Course Association could help too and take a leaf out of football’s books by training staff to be aware of any concerns.

Seriously, though, I would be worried taking young children to the races and hope that steps are taken to address this issue as soon as possible.

What are your thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Fighting at Ascot and Goodwood Races.

  1. This is bizarre. I went to Ascot once when I was a teenager and it was so British and so refined with every one well dressed ( in all of the seating areas not just the boxes) .Maybe that was too long ago and now those times are far away. Cocaine? I don’t know if this is a drug that causes aggressiveness but certainly alcohol does. Hmm….? Not good what ever the cause.


    1. It is quite sad actually. I have been to other racecourses where any trouble makers were quickly ejected without any fuss, so it must be possible. Hope they manage to sort it. Thnks for your comment!

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