Coming soon, ‘Making Allowances’ is now out for pre-order.

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My new book ‘Making Allowances’ is out on 7/7/18!

It is about an ex-jockey, Finn McCarthy, who works as a jockey coach. It is a matter close to his heart as his own experiences as he started out were far from perfect, so he knows more than most, the need for good support.

Here is a short extract.

Finn’s shoulders were aching from the hours of physical graft; it was Rosy’s day off, Mac was holed up with Boothroyd drinking and Darren was off sick. Finn recognised him as the type of lad who was, as his father would say, ‘a sandwich short of a picnic’, with a neglectful family.  Just the sort of lad Boothroyd could bully and manipulate. Whereas Finn did have a decent family but was too proud to limp back home and admit defeat. It occurred to him that Boothroyd had probably sussed that out too, in the same way that he had realised that Darren had no one in his corner. He felt anger course through him as he realised that he was doing the work of four stable hands and it wasn’t the first time he had been forced to do it.

Worse in his book, he had only had two proper rides to date and the promise of a decent apprenticeship, with a view to becoming a professional jockey, seemed further away than ever today.  Another problem was that Boothroyd was also supposed to pay him regularly, not that he had done so far, and pay his expenses. He was owed three weeks wages and had yet to see a penny of the monies he had spent on new breeches, boots, a helmet and a body protector.  He had asked Boothroyd several times, only to be fobbed off on each occasion.

           He had to sort it out, the sooner the better otherwise he’d be destitute. He spread out the straw in the final stable and topped up the water bucket and moved Silas, the huge grey chaser back into his clean box for the night. He patted the horse, removed his headcollar and glanced at the house. It was a huge grey, untidy place, where Boothroyd lived alone ever since his wife had turned tail and run. There was a light flickering in the kitchen window. Righteous anger coursed through him. Mean bastard! Not only was he withholding money, he worked Finn like a slave and refused to take his responsibilities as a guvnor seriously. He gave Silas one last pat, pulled up his collar against the cold and mentally rehearsed his speech, as he made his way up to the front door of the farmhouse.

Hope this has whetted your appetite, so if so, pre-order ‘Making Allowances’ today!

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