The Gift Horse- rebranded!

TGH pro

The Gift Horse has been rebranded and re-edited and is available to buy on Amazon. I think this is my favourite book. The plot is complex but absolutely feasible.


Here is the plot outline


Jockey, Charlie Durrant, is unwittingly catapulted into the murky world of race fixing when he is convinced that a horse he has ridden has been switched.  The horse showed absolutely no promise when worked at home but on the racecourse, his performance dramatically improves.  Some horses are like that, but Charlie has never noticed such a marked change.

The owner, attractive Tara Regan, seems completely oblivious. New to racing, she has been gifted her horse by her glamorous grandmother and ex-Bond girl, Caroline Regan. Charlie finds himself determined to find out what is going on, especially since he has promised Tara’s grandmother, one of his favourite owners, that he would help and advise her granddaughter negotiate the world of racing. 

Tara is training to be a psychologist and finds herself treating a compulsive gambler who appears to know something and leads the pair into real danger…

Comments about The Gift Horse;

‘Thrilling and brilliantly plotted.’

‘An intriguing read.’

‘I loved it! Great plot.’

I loved writing The Gift Horse. I think that Caroline Regan, who I see as a mixture of Honor Blackman and Joanna Lumley, provides the glamour and I also enjoyed writing about a trainee psychologist, Tara, who is based on a friend of mine. Charlie Durrant, jockey, is a cavalier character, who has a dark side due to his troubled past which he has to resolve.  I am fascinated by the world of racing which has so many dimensions and contrasts. There are the wildly rich owners and the poor stable staff, who coexist, often unharmoniously. This tension provides some interesting plots.

I hope you enjoy it!




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