Interview with Scarlett Brodie- author of ‘Missing in Millfield.’


I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to interview author, Scarlett Brodie. She had just published a cosy crime novel ‘Missing in Millfield’. This is a light hearted crime novel, featuring a crime fighting psychologist, Liddy Grey.

How did you get into writing?

I am a psychologist and love my job but much of it surprising, so much so, I thought I ought to write the stuff down! The kids are great, of course, and many of the characters in the book are an amalgamation of kids and people I have actually met.

How do you combine writing with work?

It’s hard but as my children have grown up, there’s more time and I usually try and write for at least half an hour to an hour every day, more at weekends. It’s a great antidote to the stress of my job, I find, to create your own world.

What is the premise of your story?

It’s about a psychologist who sort of becomes involved in amateur sleuthing and animal behaviourism as a sideline. Then, a girl she has worked with goes missing and she ends up helping the police to find her. She has a bit of help from an eccentric mother-in-law, and the two join forces with the local police. It’s fun and light hearted.

Yes, I like Orla, the mother-in-law, she’s a great character. Do you have any more books planned?

Yes. I have drafted out a whole series of Millfield books, so look out for these! They’ll be released shortly.

We will do. Thank you so much for talking to me.

‘Missing in Millfield’ is available on Amazon NOW!


Fighting at Ascot and Goodwood Races.


I am moved to write about the shocking scenes of violence amongst spectators at Ascot and Goodwood Racecourses recently.  For such prestigious venues, it is shocking and clearly both racecourses are taking steps to improve security and address the issues.

But what caused the violence? Was alcohol or drugs to blame? Racing journalist, Cornelius Lysaght. thinks that cocaine could be involved and called for sniffer dogs to be made available at all racecourses. Apparently, there was a queue for the toilet cubicles in the gents which suggests that something unsavoury was going on.

Of course, with CCTV,  it would be possible for the BHA to identify and ban the culprits, so this is another consideration. I think the Race Course Association could help too and take a leaf out of football’s books by training staff to be aware of any concerns.

Seriously, though, I would be worried taking young children to the races and hope that steps are taken to address this issue as soon as possible.

What are your thoughts?



Highlighting the great work of Racing Welfare in the UK!


Racing Welfare is a fantastic organization set up to support all staff in racing. This includes everyone from the stable staff who look after these beautiful creatures to staff employed in all types of jobs in racecourses from office to ground staff.

Racing Welfare can help support you in times of stress and trouble and that includes those facing bereavement, financial problems, requiring support, ill health or facing trouble at work. Racecourses should all abide by their own Code of Ethics regarding employment, and so should trainers and studs.  If this doesn’t happen, then contact Racing Welfare.

There are loads of activities and ways that you can get involved and support such a great charity. The website is easy to navigate and staff can seek personalised advice and can use a chat line to seek immediate support.

Get involved, get in touch. It’s a great cause! Below is the website.


I Don’t Want the Job*

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist...

A popular image of the fictional police detective is of a dedicated professional who’s determined to solve the case and find the ‘bad guy.’ And a lot of fictional police officers are just that way. That perseverance and curiosity carry them through some very difficult cases.

But that’s not so for all fictional coppers. There are cases where the police detective is reluctant, or even unwilling, to investigate. A police detective might have any number of reasons for not wanting to look into a case, and we see several of them in crime fiction.

For example, in Isaac Asimov’s The Caves of Steel, we are introduced to New York police detective Elijah ‘Lije’ Baley. The futuristic world in which he lives is more or less divided between two groups of people. Spacers are the descendants of people who explored space and returned. Earthmen are the descendants of people who…

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The Gift Horse- rebranded!

TGH pro

The Gift Horse has been rebranded and re-edited and is available to buy on Amazon. I think this is my favourite book. The plot is complex but absolutely feasible.


Here is the plot outline


Jockey, Charlie Durrant, is unwittingly catapulted into the murky world of race fixing when he is convinced that a horse he has ridden has been switched.  The horse showed absolutely no promise when worked at home but on the racecourse, his performance dramatically improves.  Some horses are like that, but Charlie has never noticed such a marked change.

The owner, attractive Tara Regan, seems completely oblivious. New to racing, she has been gifted her horse by her glamorous grandmother and ex-Bond girl, Caroline Regan. Charlie finds himself determined to find out what is going on, especially since he has promised Tara’s grandmother, one of his favourite owners, that he would help and advise her granddaughter negotiate the world of racing. 

Tara is training to be a psychologist and finds herself treating a compulsive gambler who appears to know something and leads the pair into real danger…

Comments about The Gift Horse;

‘Thrilling and brilliantly plotted.’

‘An intriguing read.’

‘I loved it! Great plot.’

I loved writing The Gift Horse. I think that Caroline Regan, who I see as a mixture of Honor Blackman and Joanna Lumley, provides the glamour and I also enjoyed writing about a trainee psychologist, Tara, who is based on a friend of mine. Charlie Durrant, jockey, is a cavalier character, who has a dark side due to his troubled past which he has to resolve.  I am fascinated by the world of racing which has so many dimensions and contrasts. There are the wildly rich owners and the poor stable staff, who coexist, often unharmoniously. This tension provides some interesting plots.

I hope you enjoy it!




Review of Bloodlines by Brian O’Connor *****


I thoroughly enjoyed this book by Brian O’Connor. I am a sucker for racing books and have even been known to write a few myself! I do love reading them too.

This is about Liam Dee, an ex champion jockey who steps into a crime scene when a stable lad where he rides is murdered. Liam thinks he knows who was involved and befriends the investigating policeman in an attempt to help.

Are drugs behind the murder of this young Ukrainian male or is it something far closer to home? Fast paced, great racing scenes and with some romance thrown in, the climax is gripping when Liam comes to face to face with his foe.

I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys good detective stories with racing thrown in.

Definitely worth a read!

Rank Outsiders REVAMP!

RO pro7

My Cup of Tea Press and me have been revamping Rank Outsiders, my first racing thriller.It has been re-edited and has a new cover. The cover is more in keeping with the genre and my other books will be rebranded in a similar way, thanks to Rosie and  Jamie from My Cup of Tea Press! Rank Outsiders is a racing thriller.

Jockey, Tristan Davies is concerned when several strange incidents at the yard, suggest that someone is trying to fix a race and prevent one of their stable stars from winning.  The horse is let out of its stable and narrowly misses a car, glass is found in his bedding and the horsebox has a puncture en route to the racecourse. Suspicion points to the horse’s relatively new stable lad, Kyle Devlin. Kyle is in care and supported by social worker, Poppy Ford. Poppy needs no encouragement to help prove Kyle’s innocence, so the pair decide to join forces to find out what is going on and find themselves unraveling a complex web of intrigue which has far-reaching consequences. When the two worlds of racing and social work collide, the stakes are very high indeed.

Praise for Rank Outsiders.

‘A great story, beautifully and ingeniously plotted.’

‘A thrilling read which is well paced and well plotted.’

‘I really enjoyed this book by Charlie De Luca and want to read more.’


Rank Outsiders in available to download on Amazon.