Happy Easter!



Well, it’s that time of year again! Looks like we may have a colder Easter than usual followed by a heatwave in April apparently. I haven’t yet taken the horses’ rugs off and they are looking tatty and in need of repair.  The rugs that is; not the horses. Plenty of time to do that once the Spring actually arrives.

I am looking forward to some time off, having an Easter egg hunt with the kids, maybe going to the races, and definitely riding and walking in the Lincolnshire countryside. I am having some off from editing ‘Making Allowances’ until the holidays are over.  I am also meeting up with fellow writer, Scarlett Brodie, who writes funny cosy crime novels as I m doing an interview with her for her next book, ‘Missing in Millfield.’ This is a great book, so look out for more news as the release date is coming fast approaching.

Then it will nose to the grindstone in preparing students for exams!

I hope you all have a good rest, plenty of chocolate and that you get to spend some time with your loved ones! Happy Easter!






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